Your first visit

Get started with Goldreich Orthodontics

Your first visit to our office in Plano, Texas, is complimentary! We want you to feel comfortable starting treatment with Dr. Goldriech and our team, with no risk and no obligation.

The first step

Schedule your complimentary consultation online or contact us and our reception staff will be happy to schedule your initial visit.

We will send you the Patient Information Form and the Patient Health History Form or you may find them here. Please bring these completed forms with you to your scheduled appointment.

Initial visit

Our New Patient Coordinator will take great care of you at your initial visit. She will:

  • Go over your main concerns
  • Take some digital photos of your teeth
  • Take digital X-rays of your teeth

Dr. Goldreich will:

  • Go over your pictures and X-rays on the computer
  • Do a thorough exam
  • Discuss the problems that need correction
  • Explain his treatment plan and length of treatment
  • Answer any questions you may have

Our New Patient Coordinator will then:

  • Go over any further questions/treatment
  • Show you exactly what appliances Dr. Goldreich has prescribed
  • Go over the investment and payment options

Come experience the difference. We’re excited to meet you! Get started today by requesting your complimentary consultation with us.