iTero® intraoral digital scanner

When it comes to the state of your oral health, the iTero® Element™ intraoral digital scanner is a great help. This patient-friendly device is a leading digital scanner that provides 3D models to streamline your orthodontic treatment.


How does the iTero intraoral digital scanner work?

The iTero intraoral digital scanner operates without discomfort or mess, transmitting a laser light through your mouth and the tissues of your gums, teeth and jawbone. A camera then captures the reflected light in the scanner, which sends the image to a computer for processing. The system creates a detailed virtual model of your teeth as the data processes.

What is the iTero digital scanner used for?

This scanner revolutionized how orthodontists approach many treatment options, including:

5 benefits of the iTero intraoral digital scanner

The iTero intraoral digital scanner’s cutting-edge technology will bring you the most accurate, efficient and comfortable dental care and allow you to:

  • Enjoy faster appointment times

    The iTero intraoral scanner takes only minutes to provide high-quality images of your teeth and gums using a patented technology that captures all areas in one scan.

  • Get immediate feedback

    This scanner gives you an instant look at your teeth and gums, so you and your orthodontist can quickly view areas of concern and create a viable treatment plan.

  • Receive more accurate dental models

    The iTero digital scanner allows your orthodontist to capture more precise digital images of your teeth, gums and jawline than traditional molds.

  • Eliminate radiation exposure

    This device eliminates radiation exposure by using laser technology instead of X-rays.

  • Simulate your post-treatment smile

    By projecting a 3D image of what your smile will look like after treatment, the iTero Element Scanner helps patients make the best decision about their treatment plan.

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