Kids’ orthodontics

Kids' orthodontist in Plano

Early orthodontic care is a preventive measure to address jaw growth development in your child. Children should be evaluated by age 7, however, it is never late to seek treatment.

At Goldreich Orthodontics, your family-friendly kids’ orthodontist in Plano, Texas, we understand the importance of early intervention. Learn more about how kids can benefit from orthodontic care, including achieving a beautiful smile that lasts through adulthood.

How orthodontic services benefit your child

Early orthodontic treatment may improve your child’s oral health and reduce the chances of gum disease and other problems. Other advantages of pediatric orthodontic services include the following:

  • Boosts confidence

    Enhances your child's self-confidence and self-image by straightening teeth for an improved smile and enhancing facial symmetry.

  • Saves money

    Reduces the need for orthodontic surgeries later in life, saving you time and money in the long run.

  • Promotes jaw development

    Enhances the relationship of your child's lower and upper jaws by promoting proper jaw development.

  • Corrects teeth positioning

    Reduces the risk of damage to your child's front teeth by returning them to their natural position.

  • Increases comfort

    Helps your child feel more at ease during treatment by moving their teeth at an age where the bones are more pliable. Any movement or adjustment of your child's teeth will be easier in their younger years than later years.

  • Offers convenience

    Reduces the period in which your child is required to wear braces.

  • Improves speech

    Helps resolve any speech impediment.

  • Rectifies developmental problems

    May mitigate other challenges caused by tongue pushing, thumb sucking or other developmental issues.

  • Helps with an irregular bite

    Corrects crossbite, underbite and overbite.

  • Encourages proper growth

    Helps create space for your child's permanent teeth to grow in naturally. In some cases, we may even use dental spacers. This may reduce the need for painful tooth extraction in the future. Tooth extraction often results from the overcrowding of teeth and the lack of proper space for permanent teeth to erupt.

Your number one pediatric orthodontist in Plano

Goldreich Orthodontics offers Two-Phase treatment to ensure the best growth and development for your child’s teeth and jaw. Not all kids need Two-Phase treatment, and may only need braces after all their permanent teeth have come in.

Braces can help your child:

  • Chew easier: Braces from Goldreich Orthodontics are designed to align to your child’s teeth, allowing them to chew and digest their food better.
  • Boost their self-confidence: Your child’s self-confidence will improve with the newfound sense of confidence braces give them.
  • Close their mouth naturally: With braces, your child’s teeth can move into the right place, making it easier for them to close their mouth naturally.
  • Avoid tooth decay and gum disease: Child braces mean fewer trips to the dentist and fewer cavities.
  • Prevent bone erosion: Braces help your child’s jawbone rebuild itself properly.
  • Improve speech: Braces help the gaps between your child’s teeth disappear, reducing speech impediments.

Premier orthodontic care

Goldreich Orthodontics can ensure your child benefits from outstanding user experience and quality treatment that targets the following:

  • Crowding
  • Open bite
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Teeth spacing