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Actual GO Patients

Amazing Team

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Allow me to introduce our AMAZING ORTHODONTIC TEAM.  Each and every one of them is committed to making sure you have the best possible experience.   Our practice as a whole does a wonderful job at attracting and retaining great people to take care of our patients.  In fact:  more than half our team have been with the practice for 10 years or more and together, Goldreich Orthodontics has more than 200 years of cumulative experience. We are committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.


We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.



Clinical Assistant

I love witnessing the positive impact a smile can have on a patient’s life: it’s the most rewarding part of my work! I love working with this phenomenal team and consider them to be my family. Dr. Goldreich is an incredible doctor. I respect his attention to detail and compassion.

When I am not creating Goldreich Grins, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and daughter. We are a very active family that’s always on the go! I also have two giant fur children, Titan and Penelope and, last but not least, I cannot forget my honorary pet raccoon, Buddy!



Appointment Coordinator

I have over 20 years experience in the orthodontic field in both assisting and front office, but never in the environment like here at Goldreich Orthodontics! Everyone here is positive, friendly and they make coming to work the absolute Best! I love to help people no matter the situation and adore listening to everyone’s story! When you call the office my goal is to help you with whatever it is you need all the while putting a smile on your face too! I have one cat named Prince...he thinks he really is one and one dog named Lilly who is an Australian Shepherd mix. Both are adopted from shelters.

My daughter Gillian is and has been a competitive cheerleader since she was two and a half years old at Cheer Athletics. She also CHEERS at Navarro College which is her dream come true! I love college football, soaking up some sun, a great steak and Mountain Dew haha! I love almost every season equally but have a slight favorite for Fall (Halloween starts calling my name). I’m here for you and I can’t wait to meet everyone!


Clinical Assistant

I truly enjoy helping create awesome smiles. I love seeing our patients become more confident. Dr. Goldreich is an amazing orthodontist. I appreciate the wey he makes all of our patients and team feel like family. 

Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time camping, cooking and time at the beach with my family and friends.    




Clinical Assistant

I love interacting with our patients and getting to know them during their time in braces. Each becomes more confident and happier and, when they’re done, they have a smile they want to share! It’s an honor to work with my teammates and to help Dr. Goldreich: he cares for his team and his patients like family.

I work in the clinic, helping Dr. Goldreich create gorgeous smiles and keeping our patients comfortable, encouraged, and smiling during visits.

My secondary passion, after helping create great smiles, is making DIY home improvements on my condo. I also really enjoy quality time with my family and friends.



Clinical and Marketing Coordinator

I love having the opportunity to be part of each patient’s smile journey. The process is extremely rewarding and fulfilling! I work with an incredible group of people, who I consider to be my family. I am honored to work alongside Dr. Goldreich, because he cares deeply about his team and patients.

I spend most of my time in the clinic, helping Dr. Goldreich create beautiful smiles and encouraging our patients to take care of their oral health. I also handle marketing efforts for Goldreich Orthodontics, telling the community how we change lives by changing smiles!

When I’m not helping Dr. Goldreich craft gorgeous smiles, I’m crafting wreaths and taking on other Pinterest projects. My family and friends are my world and I love spending time with them.



Clinical Assistant

I enjoy having the opportunity to help people have their best smile. It’s such a pleasure to watch them grow and change over time, to watch their excitement as they see the transformation before their eyes. 

I work in the clinic helping Dr. Goldreich with creating beautiful and confident smiles. I assist him from start to finish, ranging from wire changes, seating appliances, braces removal and much more. 

I spend my free time with my husband Garrett and our fur baby Bailey. We enjoy traveling, hiking, camping, kayaking, gardening and basically any and all things outdoors.



Records Assistant

I enjoy watching patients’ personalities blossom and seeing the final result of their hard work. Those smiles are so beautiful! I love working in a fun and lively environment, and how we all come together to help our patients love their smiles.

I’m lucky because I meet patients as they’re starting treatment. I take the initial oral scans that Dr. Goldreich uses in planning each person’s treatment and then I get to see the patient change as they progress through braces!

In my downtime, I like to relax with my boyfriend and my cat, Avery. I’m a self-proclaimed music connoisseur and enjoy music festivals.



Appointment Coordinator

I really love getting to know our patients from beginning to end and seeing how they blossom into beautiful people inside and out. I'm really happy to be with such a great work family. They make it so nice to come to work. Dr. Goldreich is not only an exceptional orthodontist but an amazing person! 

I help Dr. Goldreich schedule our patients and try my best to accommodate everyones schedule.

When not working, I love spending time with my family, especially my three grandchildren. I also enjoy crafting, baking, reading and traveling.  



Lab Technician

I am fulfilled when I see how happy our patients are with their amazing new smiles! The Goldreich team is like my second family: we support each other and always have fun while creating beautiful smiles!

I work in our onsite lab, crafting the appliances that Dr. Goldreich uses as part of each patient’s treatment.

I love spending my free time with my son, Maximus. We enjoy going to amusement parks, traveling to tropical locations, and discovering museums. I am a fitness enthusiast who likes to cook and bake. I also enjoy cheering on my Cowboys and Rangers and occasionally getting lost in an intriguing novel.



Treatment Coordinator

I love meeting new families and introducing them to Dr. Goldreich and our team. It’s rewarding to get to know patients and to see their beautiful smiles when they’re done! Dr. Goldreich and everyone here are committed to providing the highest level of care in a fun and interactive environment. I’m lucky to have a job that’s fun and fulfilling in every way, every day!

I welcome new patients and families at their initial exam. I take diagnostic photos and X-rays, review Dr. Goldreich’s recommended treatment approach, and answer their questions. If they’re ready to start changing their smile, I help them schedule their initial appointments, too.

When not at work, I’m often cheering for the Baltimore Ravens or Michigan Wolverines. I also enjoy working out, relaxing by the pool, and spending time with my three grown children, two daughters-in-law, and two sweet grandchildren. I recently started golfing and look forward to getting a lot better at it…hopefully soon!



Treatment Coordinator

I love meeting new people every day and helping each toward their goal of a beautiful smile! Dr. Goldreich is a perfectionist, with great communication skills, and every smile he creates is gorgeous. Our staff is friendly, professional, and fun. We make treatment a great experience, from the first visit to the last!

I meet with new and existing patients and families, take photos and X-rays for treatment planning, and review and explain plans. I also show patients appliances, talk about the treatment experience, and answer all of their questions.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching college and professional football, listening to country music, talking long walks, and growing flowers. I have two grown boys who both had Dr. Goldreich as an orthodontist and now have beautiful smiles!



Clinical Assistant

My favorite part about working here is being able to share in each of our patients individual journey.  Every person is so unique, but you can see how much they appreciate it in their beaming smile.  Dr. Goldreich puts so much time and effort into everyone he treats, and I love being a part of a team that does the same.  Everyone here makes working so enjoyable! 

I work in the clinic, seeing patients for everything from seating appliances, changing wires, to scanning and dealing with Invisalign.

When I'm not here working, you may see me volunteering on weekends, seeing live music, or enjoying my time painting.  I'm from Wisconsin so I love spending time with my family outdoors, as long as its not too hot out!




Insurance Coordinator

I like meeting new patients and families and seeing how our patients grow happier and more confident during treatment. Dr. Goldreich and our team are close-knit and we are all united in our desire to make our patients the top priority!

I help patients and parents with insurance matters, from verifying coverage to filing the forms and follow up with the companies. I want people to get the most from their benefits and to not worry about red tape!

My husband Clint and I love to camp, kayak, craft, and watch football on Sundays.



Front Desk Coordinator

I love that I get to see the beginning and end of each patient’s journey. I love to see them smiling, at the end: they radiate happiness! Goldreich Orthodontics is one big family and our patients are a big part of it.

I primarily sit at the front desk and schedule appointments. I also work behind the scenes, handling payroll, implementing schedules, and keeping up with the monthly numbers. I am a Registered Dental Assistant so I can fill in for our treatment coordinator when needed, too.

My husband James and I have two grown daughters and two rescued dogs. We’re involved with our church community, love cheering for Alabama football, and enjoy traveling to check out different BBQ joints.

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