Sterilization Tech/Lab


Meet Robert, our exceptional Orthodontic Sterilization Tech, who plays a vital role in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in our practice.

Having undergone orthodontic treatment himself with Dr. Goldreich, Robert understands firsthand the transformative power of a beautiful smile. This personal experience fuels his dedication to ensuring that every instrument and tool used in our practice is meticulously sterilized, guaranteeing the utmost hygiene and infection control for our patients.

Robert is our go-to person for all things clinical and sterilization-related and also helps manage 3D printing projects in our lab. His expertise and attention to detail enable our team to work efficiently, providing seamless care to our valued patients. When he’s not ensuring the utmost cleanliness in our practice, Robert can be found indulging in his hobbies. He finds solace in fishing, embracing the tranquility of the water. He also enjoys the immersive experience of playing video games and staying active by playing soccer.

With his unwavering commitment to maintaining a sterile environment and his passion for patient care, Robert is an indispensable member of our team. His diligence and expertise make him an integral part of our mission to create healthy and beautiful smiles.