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Actual GO Patients

Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment in Plano

Children who show signs of a jaw problem can benefit from early treatment. Kids need their jaw size to accommodate their permanent teeth, and they need their upper and lower jaws to line up correctly to prevent future problems. Early orthodontic treatment can help. 

The Benefits of Two-Phase Treatment

Phase two orthodontic treatment allows us to make early adjustments to your child's jaw while it is still growing. We can help adjust it and guide the teeth as they come in, ensuring the mouth has enough room for all of them. Children who undergo phase two treatment may avoid orthodontic complications down the road, such as needing a tooth removed before getting braces. 

The most significant advantage of two-phase treatment is ensuring better dental health for your child. Early treatment reduces the need for later interventions, setting up your child for improved appearance and comfort. 

The Typical Two-Phase Treatment Process 

Two-phase treatment consists of two distinct stages, with a resting period between them. In phase one, we lay the foundation for future braces treatment. We will give your child's mouth some time off during the resting period to facilitate recovery. In phase two, your child will get braces. 

Phase One

We can recognize candidates for early orthodontic treatment as young as 7 years old. Children may have upper or lower jaws growing at different rates. One may be growing too much, or the other may be growing too little. Early treatment aims to make room for all the permanent teeth and ensure the upper and lower jaws align properly.


The resting period provides needed recovery time for your child's mouth. This phase gives the permanent teeth time to come in, allowing them to move freely for a bit. Phase one should provide the teeth with plenty of room to erupt comfortably.

Phase Two

During phase two, most children get braces and wear them for 24 months or more. The process begins once all the child's permanent teeth have grown in. The teeth are not yet in the correct positions, so the braces can move them to the correct spots. Once every tooth is in its place, the child gets their braces off and wears retainers to keep their new smile in place. 

What If You Delay Treatment?

Delaying treatment until the permanent teeth have erupted can complicate your child's orthodontic plan. If they have a jaw discrepancy and only have one phase of treatment, the results may not provide the desired stability. A compromised result can lead to problems later in life, too. Children may need surgical procedures or tooth removal if they wait until later for two-phase orthodontic treatment, and braces may be less effective. 

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