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Hawley Retainers

Your journey to a beautiful smile took time and money. We know it's exciting to go from braces and multiple appointments to finally taking them off. But if you want to keep your teeth looking great, it's time for a retainer.

Removable Hawley retainers are popular with our Plano, Texas, patients. The Goldreich Orthodontics team will help you get your retainer and teach you how to care for it so your smile stays in the best condition.

What Are Hawley Retainers?

Hawley dental appliances are plastic or acrylic and metal devices that keep teeth in alignment following orthodontic treatment. Unlike other types of aligners, they hold teeth in position rather than shift them. 

The acrylic or plastic is designed to curve up against the roof of your mouth or lie under your tongue. Molded-in clasps fit along the back of the teeth and a wire loops horizontally around the front six teeth.

Hawley retainers are fully removable, making it easy for you to maintain good brushing and flossing habits. You can also take them out when playing sports, swimming or for important photos.

How Do Hawley Retainers Work?

The retainer's clasps help secure your device in place, while the front wire works to prevent teeth from shifting. Since the mold is a replica of your mouth's unique shape, your gear will fit perfectly. A custom fit makes them more comfortable for long-term wear, too.

Retainers are the final step of the teeth straightening process. It's natural for your teeth to want to move back to their original position following orthodontic correction, so using a retainer is vital to preserving your desired results. Each patient is different, so Dr. Goldreich will tell you how often to wear your retainer.

Caring for Your Hawley Retainer

Hawley orthodontic retainers are easy to maintain. Follow these steps to protect your teeth and your investment:

  • Give it a daily cleaning: Use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste to gently cleanse your retainer each day.
  • Refresh it with retainer-friendly products: Soak it in an approved solution like Retainer Brite® to help dissolve any deposits.
  • Remove it to eat or drink: Take your retainer out each time you're eating or drinking to protect against food particles and keep it intact.
  • Inspect it: Look over your retainer each day for signs of wear and tear and alert your orthodontist if you see damage.
  • Protect it: Keep it in a case when not in use and follow all recommendations from the Goldreich Orthodontics team.

Why Choose Dr. Goldreich? 

At Goldreich Orthodontics, we create custom treatment plans to give each patient a specialized approach. Dr. Goldreich personally cares for each patient at every appointment, ensuring you have the best possible orthodontic treatment. Our entire team commits itself to exceptional service throughout your journey to a better smile.

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We offer an initial consultation at no cost for your Hawley retainer and complete orthodontic care. With over 200 years of combined experience serving Plano, we're the local experts ready to giving you a confident, beautiful smile. Request your free appointment today to learn more!

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