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Fixed Lingual Retainers in Plano, TX

Braces produce excellent results for patients of all ages. The next step is ensuring those results last for years to come. During orthodontic treatment, the periodontal ligament in your mouth stretches and allows your teeth to move into a new, straighter position. When the braces come off, the ligament will want to bounce back into place and take your teeth with it.

A fixed or bonded lingual retainer is one of the most effective ways to keep teeth in place after orthodontic treatment. Goldreich Orthodontics provides fixed retainers for patients in Plano, Texas. Schedule a consultation to see if a bonded retainer is the right post-treatment approach for you. 

What Are the Benefits of Fixed Lingual Retainers?

A fixed lingual retainer is a permanent structure that bonds to the bottom of the mouth underneath the tongue — an area called the lingual surface. The retainer has a wire that attaches to the incisors and lines the inside of the teeth you need to keep in place. This unique mechanism for retaining straightened teeth comes with numerous benefits: 

  • Long-term preservation: A permanent retainer is always active, so it applies constant pressure to your teeth. Plus, the metal wire is durable. As a result, your straight smiler will last longer.
  • Ease of care: Permanent installation means your retainer will always do its job with minimal effort on your part. Unlike other kinds of retainers, you'll never forget to put your lingual retainer in, and you'll always know exactly where it is.
  • Inconspicuousness: Bonded lingual retainers are smooth, low-profile devices. You'll get used to wearing the retainer fast, and it will be virtually invisible to others. 
  • Clear speech: Your fixed retainer's space-efficient design will leave plenty of room inside your mouth for you to speak normally. Every word will come out with clarity for confident speech every day. 

How Much Do Lingual Retainers Cost?

The price of orthodontic treatment will usually include a lingual retainer. So if your insurance covers your braces, it should also cover a retainer. Otherwise, a bonded retainer can cost anywhere between $150 and $550. 

Caring for Lingual Retainers

A lingual retainer is a permanent fixture, which makes care relatively easy. You'll clean your retainer naturally as a part of your daily brushing and flossing routines. Use specialized tools like floss threaders or a denture brush on your retainer for the best results. Additionally, you'll visit our office for regular cleaning appointments. 

Trust Goldreich Orthodontics to Preserve Your Smile

Goldreich Orthodontics is a top choice for orthodontic treatment and retention in Plano, Texas. Our treatments lead to amazing, long-lasting results. Dr. Goldreich and his team of talented professionals will ensure a comfortable patient experience and treatment that meets your needs. Our treatments have satisfied hundreds of local patients, and we're eager to bring out the best version of your smile. 

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If you're wondering if a lingual retainer is the best option for your situation, Dr. Goldreich is happy to help you decide. We encourage you to request a consultation appointment to discuss orthodontic treatments and retainer options today!

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