Actual GO Patients

Actual GO Patients

Common Orthodontic Issues

Crowding of the teeth


If there is no space between the baby teeth, then there will not be enough room for the permanent teeth. Baby teeth or permanent teeth are crowded or overlapped.

Spacing issue


Noticeably large gaps between the teeth.

Upper protrusion

Upper Dental Protrusion

The top teeth stick out too far (“buck teeth”). Most common orthodontic problem and easier to correct if treated early.

Deep bite

Deep Bite

The upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth too much and the lower front teeth are barely visible.

Under bite

Under Bite

The lower front teeth stick out further than the upper front teeth.

Open bite

Open Bite

The front teeth do not touch when the back teeth are touching.

Midline discrepancy

Midline Discrepancy

The midline of the upper teeth does not line up with the midline of the lower teeth.

Cross bite

Cross Bite

An upper tooth fits inside a lower tooth or the upper back teeth are narrower than the lower teeth.

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