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Bite Plate Appliances in Plano, Texas

A straighter smile can improve your oral health and confidence. At Goldreich Orthodontics, we provide orthodontic treatments to help you achieve the smile of your dreams with leading technologies and proven methods. Learn how bite plates can improve your experience and create a smile you'll love sooner. 

What Is a Bite Plate?

Bite plates — or bite blocks —  are small appliances that can help correct deep bites. When secured in place, the bite plate keeps the front teeth in place and prevents damage to braces while allowing the back teeth to continue growing. 

There are two types of bite plates available:

  • Removable: You can take removable bite plates out to clean them or remove food and debris. 
  • Fixed: A fixed bite plate is soldered in place and worn during all activities. This option may be best for busy kids who would be tempted to take out the removable bite plate often. 

Why Wear a Bite Plate? 

Bite plates can speed up orthodontic treatments and give you better results. Wearing a bite plate for an overbite can benefit your orthodontic experience through: 

  • Increased protection: Bite plates can help prevent people with deep bites from accidentally damaging or biting off their lower front brackets. Bite plates also help absorb stress caused by teeth grinding or clenching. 
  • More efficient treatment: Regularly wearing a bite plate opens the bite and allows your braces to work faster, giving you the results you want sooner. 
  • Enhanced comfort: Bite plates can help alleviate pain and tension in the jaw joints for a more comfortable treatment process. 

Caring for Bite Plates

Taking proper care of your bite plate is essential to keeping it clean and maintaining your oral hygiene. If you have a removable bite plate, brush the appliance with cold water after eating to remove debris. Avoid using hot water on your bite plate to prevent warping. You should also avoid flipping the bite plate with your tongue while wearing it. 

With a fixed bite plate, you'll need to floss under it. You can also use a dental pick to remove any food packed beneath the appliance. 

Bite Plates Are Temporary

Bite plates may seem like an inconvenience, but remember that they are a temporary solution that can speed up your overall treatment time. The more you wear your bite plate, the more effective it will be and the sooner you can be done with it. 

Bite plates can also relieve some of the tension and discomfort caused by braces, giving you a more comfortable orthodontic experience. If your orthodontist suggests wearing a bite plate, follow their guidelines for faster, more convenient treatment. 

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