Good Morning America: High-Tech Braces Cut Time and Pain, Dentist Says

SureSmile is more than a single advance in orthodontic technology. It's an end-to-end treatment process that draws from elements of several leading-edge technologies to:

  • Shorten treatment time
  • Reduce the number of adjustments
  • Reduce the number of office visits
  • Reduce discomfort

But while the technology is new, it's applied to a tried-and-true system for moving teeth – the same bracket-and-wire configuration orthodontists have used successfully for more than 30 years.

In that sense, SureSmile technology offers the best of old and new: conventional bracket-and-wire braces plus technology that minimizes their inefficiencies and limitations.

Watch videos about this amazing technology and the three steps to a SureSmile by clicking on the following link:

We offer SureSmile Orthodontic Treatment featured on Good Morning America and in USA Today. Click here to read about this revolutionary treatment:

USA Today: Orthodontists tout high-tech braces

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