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Direct Injuries to The Mouth or Teeth

Lewin EricaIt is important for our patients to recognize minor orthodontic problems and understand how to solve them until it is convenient to return to our office. Use the links above to figure out which problem applies to your specific needs.

Following a direct injury to the mouth or teeth, whether undergoing orthodontic care or not, you should be seen by your family dentist as soon as possible. Usually an x-ray of the involved tooth or teeth is needed to determine the extent of the injury. If a tooth has been fractured or broken, it is best to contact your family dentist first, since we may not have the necessary materials needed to treat these injuries. If orthodontic appliances are dislodged or displaced, we will need to replace or adjust them as soon as possible. Please call our office immediately after seeing your family dentist. If you are unable to reach your family dentist or an alternate emergency facility, call our office and we will assist you in locating someone to care for the injury.

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