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Candy Buy Back Program

We Were Knee Deep in Sweets

Dr. Goldreich

Dr. Goldreich

We literally got a visit from the tooth fairy.  In an effort to minimize the amount of Halloween candy our patients consumed, we developed a candy buy-back program.  The program offered the kids $1 for every pound of candy they sold to us.  In addition, we donated $1 to the local non-profit “My Friends House” which is a division of City House.  The end result was amazing.  Over 600 pounds of candy was collected the night after Halloween.  Many of the kids also donated their “payout” and $800 was raised for My Friends House.  The 600 pounds of candy was taken to the USO for distribution to the soldiers in Iraq.  The additional candy was sent to a specific battalion in Iraq with personal ties to the staff in our office. 

“This has been a win/win/win for everyone, our patients, their parents, City House, the troops, my staff and myself.  The amount of candy was staggering.  Seeing the kids give up their candy and then donate their money to City House to help children that are less fortunate is very touching.”

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