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Before and After Gallery

Open bite

Open biteclosed after thumb habit ceased.

Spacing and cosmetic dentistry 

For some patients, "Teamwork" between the Dentist and Orthodontist is necessary to achieve the desired result. The following photos demonstrate using Orthodontic Treatment in conjunction with Cosmetic Dentistry to create that "Winning Smile"!

Severe Underbite

Underbite correction that required orthognathic surgery combined with orthodontic treatment.

Severe Crowding

Severe crowding and end on bite required the removal of teeth to accomplish a wonderful result.

Severe Overbite

A Herbst appliance was utilized to correct this severe overbite.

Severe crowding and extra teeth

Severe crowding due to this patient having 2 extra teeth was corrected by removing the extra teeth and orthodontic treatment.

Profile improvement

The dramatic improvement of this patients profile was accomplished with removal of teeth and orthodontic treatment.

 Jaw surgery and rhinoplasty

This treatment required orthodontic treatment to straighten the teeth, orthognathic surgery to move the lower jaw forward and a rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

Severe spacing

The crossbite of the side teeth and the gap between the front teeth was corrected with an expander and braces.

Severe open bite

This severe open bite was corrected with braces and has remained stable for over 4 years.

Severe spacing from tongue thrusting

This patients spacing was caused by a severe tongue thrust and an extra tooth (bridge) was placed to hide the large gap. The bridge was removed and all the spaces closed.

Severe rotations

Severe rotations of the front teeth were corrected with braces.

Severe underbite

Anterior crossbite was corrected with braces and a headgear. No surgery was needed to correct this severe underbite.

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